Employers who outsource their payroll / pension responsibilities

It is important to remember that even if you outsource your payroll duties to a third party, the responsibility for the submission of data in a timely and accurate manner fundamentally lies with the LGPS Employer. Therefore, LPPA may contact you for information if we are not consistently receiving data from your third party provider.

If you have a contract with a third party provider, and that provider will fulfil your pensions responsibilities, then you need to authorise LPPA to deal with that provider. Please arrange for the forms below to be completed. Employees of the third party will also need to be authorised for the employer portal (see ‘Change of Payroll Provider’ below).

Please ensure that you are clear about which LGPS responsibilities will be undertaken by the provider, and whether any duties will continue to be undertaken by the Employer. Ultimate responsibility rests with the LGPS Employer.

Change of Payroll provider

As a result of changing provider please take the following steps:

  1. Complete the LPPA Third Party Authorisation Form and Payroll Provider Information forms below

2. Visit https://www.lppapensions.co.uk/employers/submitting-information-to-us/ to request access to the employer portal for your payroll provider.

3. Visit https://www.lppapensions.co.uk/employers/employer-essentials/employer-contacts/ to provide us with contact details for the new payroll provider.

4. Important: Complete the LPPA Change of Payroll Provider Pay Reference document below to notify us of old and new pay reference numbers.


When making arrangements to change your outsourced payroll provider it is important to consider where historic payroll data will be stored. By law, you must keep records about what contributions you pay to your pension scheme for at least six years. You will need to keep other types of records for as long as they remain relevant and are needed for the scheme to operate. Please ensure that arrangements are in place with your old provider to share historic payroll data with your new provider or LPPA on request and that they are aware they must retain the data for pension purposes. Ultimately the LGPS Employer is responsible for retaining a history of data even if that spans multiple providers.

For further guidance about record keeping from The Pensions Regulator please visit the following link:


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