What is the age discrimination remedy (McCloud)?

When the government reformed public sector pension schemes in 2014-15, the regulations included protections for some members who were within 10 years of retirement.

In 2018, at the Court of Appeal, these protections were found to be age discriminatory. Following the cases of McCloud and Sargeant (from the Judges and Firefighters’ schemes), the Government is putting a remedy in place for this age discrimination. This will make sure that pension scheme members receive the best possible benefits from what they have accrued.


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Important: don't let a scammer enjoy your retirement

Please be wary of any third party organisations offering to help you claim your 2015 Remedy (McCloud) benefits while charging you a fee for the privilege.

The age discrimination remedy is a legally binding requirement. If you are entitled to any benefit adjustments, LPPA (as your scheme administrator) will contact you at the earliest opportunity to explain the process and make the necessary changes. Entering into a contract with a third-party organisation will not speed this process up.

If you are still unsure, or have any concerns over a potential scam, please contact us

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