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The guides, videos and FAQs on this page are designed to help you navigate the UPM employer portal and understand how it works.


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1. User guide

Download the guide below to get a better understanding of how to use the UPM employer portal.

UPM employer portal user guide

2. Data return

Submitting your data return

Click here to learn how to submit your data return to the new UPM employer portal

3. Running estimates

The guide below will show you how to run real-time quotes for redundancy, tier 1, 2 and 3 ill health and retirement.

Navigation questions

Understanding the joiner and leaver processes

Common joiner questions

Providing information on new joiners in bulk is not yet available on the portal. Once we’ve introduced monthly data returns, following the 2021/22 End of Year file submissions, the system will be able to provide details of all joiners and changes within one data upload submission.

Common leaver questions

No. If you partially complete a form, it will simply remain on the workfeed until you hit the submit button. But you will not receive any prompts to say that this is incomplete.

No, the workfeed can’t be exported to Excel. From the Workfeed page you can open an item in a separate tab, or select an item and reassign it to a different user.

Yes. You will need to complete a leaver form for every position a member holds.

Assumed pensionable pay (APP)

Carer’s leave

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