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Active member: I’m currently contributing to a Local Government, Police or Firefighters’ Pension Scheme through my wages.

Deferred member: I’m no longer making contributions to a Local Government, Police or Firefighters’ Pension Scheme, but have not yet started receiving my pension benefits.

Pension member: I’m now receiving a monthly pension through a Local Government, Police or Firefighters’ Pension Scheme.

Employer: I work in a role where I have responsibilities for employees (Members) of a Local Government, Police or Firefighters’ Pension Scheme.

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Annual Benefit Statement

Your new Annual Benefit Statement will be uploaded to your online account by 31 August

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LPPA - Who we are

Working together

Working together

We are part of the Local Pensions Partnership (LPP) group which manages clients’ assets of over £20 billion.

Committed to excellence

Committed to excellence

We provide services to more than 600,000 public sector fund members and work with over 1,900 employers.

Forward thinking

Forward thinking

We have over 200 experts working for LPPA in several locations across the country.

Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing

We are here to help and support members from the very first day they join the pension scheme.

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10 Jun 2022 by Heath Reidy

Take our anniversary quiz

It’s not just the Queen who’s been celebrating an anniversary this month – it’s also LPPA’s second birthday. Admittedly, it’s not quite 70…