Submitting information to us

LPPA provides all employers with secure online portals to allow you to submit employee data online. Read on to find out how to access the sites and what information you can submit.

To administer the pension scheme, we require regular data submissions from each employer about their members and employees who are eligible to join the scheme but have opted out.

Important note

It is important to remember that even if you outsource your payroll duties to a 3rd party, the responsibility for the submission of data in a timely and accurate manner fundamentally lies with the Local Government employer. Therefore, LPPA may contact you for information if we are not consistently receiving data from your 3rd party provider.

Lancashire, Cumbria & Merseyside Employers

Please visit the Secure Employer Area page and log in or to request access, please complete the Employer Authorisation Form located on the same page.

Submitting information through the new UPM employer portal

If you are an employer of Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Bexley, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hertfordshire Pension Fund, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, London Fire Brigade or LPFA (London Pensions Fund Authority), please visit the new UPM employer portal here.

All other Employers

To provide information to us about your members, employers in the following Funds should log in to YourFund: If you are not registered for YourFund then please get in touch via the contact form, or speak to someone within your organisation who has access to YourFund at Administrator level.

Local Government Pension Scheme
Brent Pension Fund
Havering Pension Fund
Newham Pension Fund

Please complete the YourFund Site Administrator User Request Form if you require site administration access. This access allows the site admin user to create new user profiles for other members of staff and to deactivate and modify existing profiles.

Please be aware, only 1 site admin user is permitted for each employer.

The forms available on YourFund are:  

  • Joiners  
  • Change of Address   
  • Change of Hours   
  • Absence   
  • Return from Absence   
  • Leaver 
  • Opt Out on Joining
  • Movement between 50/50 Scheme and Main Scheme   
  • Monthly Contributions 
  • Estimate Requests
  • Post Number Change Form

If Serco provide your payroll services in most cases they will submit Monthly Data files which include: hour changes, address changes, new joiners and leavers.

Please do not change the Unique Identifier Reference for your Employees. This can cause difficulties with multiple posts held by members. If you need to change the Unique Identifier Reference, then please complete a ‘Post Number change form’. 

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