Member stories

Read our member stories to find out how different members have adjusted their pension to suit their individual circumstances and discover how some of our members are enjoying their retirement.

Case studies

Retirement member stories

Garry’s story

Read how Garry planned his retirement and chose to become a Ski Instructor after retiring from the Police.

Andrew’s story

Discover how Andrew lives an active lifestyle, after being diagnosed with bladder cancer at the age of 45.

Jacqueline’s story

Find out how Jacqueline supports her health and wellbeing in retirement as a casual swimming instructor.

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) member stories

Sheena’s story

Find out how taking out some AVC schemes helped Sheena to save more and plan for her retirement.

Yvonne’s story

Discover how Yvonne’s AVC scheme helped boost her retirement benefits and what she thought of the process.

Luke’s story

Learn how Luke’s AVC scheme is part of his plan to save more money for an early retirement.

Additional Pension Contributions (APC) member stories

Karen’s story

See how paying APCs helped Karen boost her pension while working on a term-time contract.

50/50 member stories

Elizabeth’s story

See how the 50/50 option helped Elizabeth continue her pension contributions during maternity leave.

Please note

Not all schemes are the same. Always check your scheme details to find out which options are available to you.

Please be aware that the information in these member stories are the thoughts and opinions of individual pension members – not those of LPPA.

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