Elizabeth's 50/50 case study

Find out how taking out the 50/50 option helped Elizabeth to maintain her pension contributions while she was on maternity leave.

Case study

Name: Elizabeth

Age: 39

Occupation: Lead Lawyer for Carlisle City Council 

Cumbria County Council, which is part of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

I chose 50/50 when I was on maternity leave, so that I could maintain pension contributions during this period, without having to opt out of the scheme.

I found it very easy. Our Payroll team alerted me to the fact that I could do it and got it all sorted for me!

Yes, 50/50 worked for me as I maintained my pension contributions.


When you are on maternity leave, you really do have to think very carefully about income. But the 50/50 option was affordable and, in the long run, the benefits outweighed the short-term cost.


I didn’t consider the impact my maternity leave would have on pension contributions, so, by doing the 50/50, it made it affordable and reduced the gap in contributions.

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