Garry's retirement case study

Read how Garry chose to become a Ski Instructor after retiring from the Police, thanks to some lifestyle changes and sensible retirement planning.

Case study

Name: Garry


Occupation: Retired Police Officer at Lancashire Constabulary  

I served as a Police Officer with Lancashire Constabulary for 24 years.

As all officers will know, every day in the Police service offers a different challenge and there is rarely anything like a predictable day. During my career I worked on some serious cases I was also fortunate to have worked with many highly motivated colleagues who were dedicated to the job and the camaraderie I formed with my peers was a major highlight in my service.   

There were many challenging days during my police career. When you’re investigating serious crime and murders, you go through a whole gamut of emotions. I would say the biggest challenge was not always having the adequate resources to manage the investigations.  


Prior to joining the Police, I served in the Army. I wanted to ensure that I maximised my accrued pension, so immediately transferred it into the Police scheme. This procedure took some timehowever the pension office kept me informed of the process and it all went through smoothly. I ensured that I regularly reviewed my pension throughout my career. 

One of the most common questions within the Police service is, “How long have you got left to do?” For some, your retirement date is set in stone, however, in my case I was planning to start a career in Snowsports so the ideal time to retire was just prior to the winter skiing season.   


I found the whole process very simple. Having notified the pension office of my retirement date, I was kept updated with all the relevant information and every detail was carried out as I would have expected.  

Skiing has always been my passion. Initially as a holiday skier and then during my time in the army I participated in Alpine racing – representing my regiment in races across the Alps. After my racing days were over, I qualified as an instructor and Mountain leader, so I was really motivated to pursue a career in this area, once I had left the Police.   

There’s a huge difference! I am still very busy working, but I know I can plan events, as I’m not going to get that call in the middle of the night to turn in or have to travel at a moment’s notice.  

If you are planning to start your own business or begin a new career, I would say do your research and assess your personal circumstances. Take advice on investments and don’t just go with your gut feelings. Most of all do something that you enjoy.   

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