Let’s get your employees online

See how your employees can benefits from their online account below

We believe that planning for retirement is very important. In order for our members to plan effectively, they need to understand what their income in retirement is going to be, which can help them to decide whether to top up their pension. An awareness of the benefits which may be payable to their loved ones in the event of their death is also helpful when planning financially. All this information is available to members through their online account.

Using the online service is simple and secure and will allow members to:

  • Use our quick-and-easy online calculator – to calculate the pension income and lump sum available at retirement
  • View the annual pension benefit statement at the click of a button
  • Change and update personal details
  • Update nominated beneficiary – allowing Members to check and change those details to make sure their loved ones are cared for in the event of their death
  • Access important documents which have been requested from us such as pension estimates
  • View other important documents such as the annual pension newsletter or Pensioner P60s
  • View their pension details whenever they need to check or provide them – including watching their pension benefits grow over time.