Submitting your data return

Here is where you will find all the information needed to submit your data return to us, whether this is your annual or monthly submission (or other pay period basis), via the UPM employer portal.

Please note

For employers who are submitting their final annual data return, we need to have processed it before you can submit your first monthly data return. We’ll notify you when we’ve done this, so that you know when to go ahead with your new submission.

Template and specification

In order to submit your data returns, you’ll need to download the appropriate data returns template.

You’ll also need the pension specification document, as it provides a complete list of all the data requirements, along with formats and examples.

Make sure you share these documents with any relevant colleagues (including third party payroll providers).


You may find these guides useful – all are applicable for submitting both your monthly and annual data returns to the UPM employer portal.

Top five tips to ensure your data file doesn’t error when uploading

Check your employer code is a five-digit number (and include some leading zeroes if it isn’t one).
Check the header row on your file is deleted (so your data begins on row 1).
Check the date is in the correct format (so it reads DD/MM/YYYY).
Check there are no commas in the data (so the columns don’t misalign).
If you’ve recently sent us your final annual data return, check you’ve received a notification from us to say it has been processed (you can’t send us another data return until processing is complete).

For more information on these tips and others, see the FAQs…

Timeline for sending monthly returns

All schemes are now submitting their monthly data returns

• Deadline for submitting final annual data returns for 2022-2023 – 28 April 2023

• Deadline for submitting monthly data returns – 10th of the month (6th for the Lancashire County Pension Fund)

Frequently asked questions

Specification & Template

Receiving errors when submitting your data returns

CSV (comma-separated values) file queries

Submitting your data returns file

What’s changed in how you send your data to LPPA

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