You may have been paying into a pension for years or just recently joined a scheme but how much do you really know about your pension? 

Read our article on the top six myths and misconceptions about your pension to help you or take our quick, two-minute quiz and see how much you already know!


How much do you really know about your pension?

Take our quick two-minute quiz to test your knowledge!

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1. Let's start easy. What is a defined benefit scheme?

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2. What are your contributions based on?

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3. You may be an active or a deferred member of your pension scheme. What is a deferred member? 

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4. One of the benefits of having an LGPS, Police or Firefighter pension is that the value of your pension (and any payments) increase in line with ___________

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5. Depending on your scheme rules, what can you do to increase your pension benefits? 

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6. Let’s make this a little harder...There are many misconceptions about pensions. Which of the following statements is a common myth about defined benefit pensions? 

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7. ‘I can depend on my savings, property or inheritance as my pension’. 

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8. Why is it not always a good idea to rely on the Government to support you in retirement?  

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9. What should you do when considering if your pension will support your retirement? 

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10. And finally...What else should you do before you decide to retire? 

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