The New Year is often a good time to give some thought to your pension. Circumstances change all the time, so if you’ve moved house, got married or had kids, it’s worth taking our pension health check quiz below! 


How well do you take care of your pension?

Take the quiz to find out!

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If you move home or change your telephone number, what should you do? 

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What other details can you update online via your PensionPoint account?

3 / 10

Millions are affected by pension scams every year. What can you do if you’re affected by a scam?


4 / 10

What could you do to avoid being the victim of a pension scam? 

5 / 10

Did you know that, depending on your scheme rules, having a pension scheme can offer financial protection to the people you care about? 

6 / 10

Some pension schemes include a death grant benefit. What is a death grant? 

7 / 10

The person or people who receive the death grant are called the ____________. 

8 / 10

Depending on your scheme rules, what can you do to increase your pension benefits? 

9 / 10

What should you do when considering if your pension will support your retirement?

10 / 10

How can you check your pension forecast to see how much pension you could get in retirement?  

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