When you decide to retire and take your pension, we want to make sure it all runs smoothly. So, to avoid any unnecessary delays, there are a few things you should consider.  

1. Complete all your retirement forms sooner (rather than later) 

When you receive your retirement forms, it’s important that you complete them as soon as possible.  

If you’re an active member (still paying into your scheme), we can only send you these forms once your employer has let us know you’ve decided to retire. So, if you don’t hear back from us within a couple of weeks, it’s worth checking with them that they’ve notified us. 

If you’re a deferred member (no longer paying into the scheme), it’s up to you to let us know you’re ready to retire. The easiest way to do this is via our online contact form

Important: we can’t start processing your pension until we have received all your completed forms. 

2. Make sure you complete your forms correctly 

To avoid any back and forth, read the form carefully and check that you’ve filled in every section (unless you’re told to leave a section blank).  

Missing information or mistakes can cause delays, so it’s worth going through the form a couple of times to make sure everything is in order. And don’t forget to sign and date them where indicated! 

Important: we send any forms back to you if details are missing or incomplete, which could delay your pension.  

3. Double check your bank details 

Your bank account must be a personal or joint account in your name. So, check the details are correct as this is ultimately where your pension and lump sum will be paid.  

Important: we have to get in touch with you again if there are issues with your bank details, which could delay your pension.    

4. Dig out your personal documents 

To make sure the money is paid to the right person (you), we need to check your identity against one or more of the following documents – birth certificate, passport or driving license. 

Your retirement forms will explain which identification we need. You can send us copies of these online (see tip five). 

Important: we can’t process your pension until we have received all the documents we need from you. 

5. Scan (or take photos) of your forms and documents 

The easiest way to return your forms, documents and certificates to us is by taking photos of them and uploading them via our online contact form.  

Technology today means you can take a decent photo, which can rival many high-end cameras – just make sure the forms are clear and readable.  

Important: we have to get in touch with you again if there are any issues with the documents you send us, which could delay your pension.    

For more retirement tips

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