As it’s officially ‘Get Online Week’ we thought it was the perfect time to remind you about the benefits of managing your pension online. 

You’ll find a wealth of information on the LPPA website and even more on PensionPoint – your secure online portal. But if you’re looking for more inspiration, here are 5 good reasons why getting online is a good idea. 

1. PensionPoint gives you real time access to your pension details  

We’ve recently added a new section to PensionPoint called My service details. You can now view your service history, transfer history and CARE history as often as you like. There’s also a useful page that explains it all in more detail.  

Did you know?

10.2 million people in the UK lack the basic digital skills needed to use the internet, according to the 2022 Consumer Digital Index.

2. View your documents at any time

It’s easy to view your forms and documents, such as your annual benefit statement or P60 via PensionPoint. Simply log in to your account and click View my documents or select Go to dashboard and click My documents.  

Paper or paperless?

Switching to paperless copies of your documents makes it easier and faster to access them. It’s also a safe, secure way to store your personal information and better for the environment! 

If you’re currently receiving paper communications and considering switching to paperless (email), simply update your contact preferences in PensionPoint by clicking View personal information.  

3. Update your personal details quicker

The quickest way to update your personal details including your name, address, email address and phone number is via PensionPoint.  

Top tip

If you use a work email address for PensionPoint, update it to a personal one. That way, you won’t lose access to your online pension account once you retire!

Depending on your scheme, you can also nominate your beneficiaries in PensionPoint, to help make sure the right people receive a lump sum in the event of your death.  

4. Browse our website on the device that suits you best

Using the internet is no longer limited to computers. You can access our website from different devices like your phone, tablet or laptop. 

The same goes for your PensionPoint account, so you can easily view your pension details at home or on the go. 

Did you know?

Over 40% of our members use their mobile phone to view their online pension account! This is why our website and PensionPoint are both ‘mobile ready’.

5. Find easy answers to your pension questions

Save time by finding quick answers to your pension questions on our website.  

Our Help Hub covers your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on different topics like pension terms, the bereavement process, finances and more. If you prefer less reading, watch our bite-size FAQ videos on YouTube! 

Need help using PensionPoint?

If you need help navigating PensionPoint or don’t know how to get started, visit our handy resource page for video tutorials and FAQs that can help guide you.