How good are you at using your online PensionPoint portal? Whether you’re new to the portal or familiar with the site, there’s always something new to learn.

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Each time you log in to PensionPoint, what gets sent to your email address? 

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How long do you have to use your code before it expires? 

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What do you have access to from your dashboard?  

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In the 'My pension summary' section you can...

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What should you do if you forget your password? 

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What personal information can you update via PensionPoint? 

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Where can you view your annual benefit statement (ABS) on PensionPoint? 

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What other type of documents can you view on PensionPoint, if you’re retired? 

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You can view and update your nominated beneficiaries via PensionPoint. 

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What should you do if you get locked out of PensionPoint? 

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