Retirement should be something your employees look forward to. Getting the right information to us on time and accurately ensures they have a seamless transition from their working lives. Here you will find the information you need to ensure you are providing the right data at the right time.

Local Government Pension Scheme

A Scheme member can elect to take payment of their pension benefits from age 55 on termination of their employment. The Scheme member does not require employer consent and should have been provided with an estimate of any reduction to their pension before making such an election. You will find more information on retirement in the following guides.

Lancashire and Cumbria Employers

LGPS Retirement Guide Lancs and Cumbria

All Other Employers

LGPS Retirement Guide (all other LG Employers)

Firefighter Pension Scheme

FPS Retirement Guide for Employers
FPS Employers Leavers Estimate Request Form

Help & FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions from members all in one place.

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