A court ruling on women hit by the rise in state pension age has been announced, but pension schemes LPPA administer won’t be affected.

The Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) ruling has confirmed women affected by the increase, made in 2010, may be owed compensation.

Police, Firefighters’ and the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) won’t be affected by the WASPI ruling, as the retirement age for these schemes has always been the same for both men and women.

The Government will be expected to make payouts to those women affected, but the payments will come from the Government, not the LGPS, police or firefighter schemes.

Neil Lewins, LPPA Technical Officer, said of the news: ‘The increase in the state pension age for women was connected to a move towards equality, but the LGPS has always had the same retirement age for both men and women. This was 65 prior to 2014 and state pension age (currently 66) for CARE pension (Career Average Revalued Earnings pension) benefits built up after 2014.

‘This might lead to a payout to women connected to their state pension, but no payment or change is expected to the LGPS level of pension benefits. We will examine the announcement in detail in due course.’