Almost three in five people (58 per cent) have no idea how much money is in their pension, research has revealed.  

55 per cent of people said they had three or more pensions, with 65 per cent saying they were “confused” and “stressed” at the thought of tracking them down. 

The research, from private pension company Penfold, also found that 39 per cent of people were concerned about not having enough money to live comfortably during retirement. This follows our news from SunLife, earlier this month, that only one in five people feel confident funding their retirement. Read the news here.   

At LPPA, Members can view and calculate their various pension benefits by using My Pension Online – our dedicated web portal. 

You can also contact the Pension Tracing Service to track down any previous pensions you might have. To find out more about this and the process of retiring comfortably, watch our Getting Ready for Retirement video.