Problems accessing your account


If you’ve been having trouble logging in to your online account, the easiest way to get started is to follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Access my online account page of our website, select Register, then select your Scheme from the drop-down boxes and click Go.

2. Enter your surname, National Insurance (NI) number, date of birth and email address, and click Register.

• If your email address is on file – you’ll receive an email with your activation key and a link to complete your sign-up details.

• If your email address is not on file – you’ll receive a letter in the post, with your activation key (this may take a few days to arrive).

3. Once you’ve received your email or letter, go to the Access my online account page, click Activate, select your Scheme (as before), and click Go.

4. Enter your details as before (surname, NI number etc), along with your activation key (making sure the capitals / lower case letters match). Once accepted, you’ll just need to create your username, password and two security questions.

That’s it – you’re good to go!

You can also watch our video about how to register and activate your account here:

How to register and activate a My Pension Online account


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