If you want to know how much is your pension is worth and when you might be able to retire - log in to PensionPoint and try our online caclulators.

The easy way to get a pension estimate

Any time you want to check on your LPPA pension, you can view your latest annual benefit statement in just a few clicks via PensionPoint – your secure online account. As well as showing the current value of your pension and any increases, it estimates your projected benefits at ‘Normal Pension Age’(NPA).

As a rule, we only provide written estimates to members who are planning to retire in the next 12 months. But you can always get projections yourself in just a few clicks by using the online calculators on PensionPoint – simply select My benefit calculators from the Dashboard and choose the calculator that’s right for you.

Anything relating to redundancy, flexible retirement or ill health will always need to be requested via your employer. But if you’re just trying to work out how soon you can retire, the calculators are a useful option.

If you’re a deferred member, the earliest you can access your pension is from age 55. This is subject to reductions as it’s before the normal pension age in the scheme. The one exception is if you apply to receive your benefit payments early on ill health grounds. Requests should be made in writing to LPPA and will be considered by your previous employer and a medical professional.

A better portal for your pension

Your pension estimate in just a few clicks.


PensionPoint is by far the quickest way to get an estimate on your pension benefits. It only takes a few minutes to register and once you’re up and running, you can get as many estimates as you like. Even if planning your retirement is no more than wishful thinking, there’s no harm in having a little fun.

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