LPPA’s Managing Director, Jo Darbyshire, is another company expert to share her insight this month, after speaking on a panel about collaboration and consolidation.

Jo was a panel speaker for webinar LGPS-Live in the session Collaboration and consolidation in the LGPS on Wednesday 3 November. The news follows our report that three LPPA experts will be speaking about managing change at the Pension Managers’ Conference in Torquay next week.

LGPS-Live focuses on the key issues for local government pension funds, looking at specific areas of pension fund management, such as administration.

Jo spoke about what LPPA does and how the company’s business model works, as well as the advantages and challenges that brings.

She said: ‘At LPPA, our business model as a pension administrator is quite unique. Since we launched as a collaboration between Lancashire County Council and the London Pensions Fund Authority in 2016, we have grown and evolved a great deal. We now support 17 clients, and over 2000 employers. It was good to speak at LGPS-Live and share how LPPA’s scale allows us to operate and collaborate effectively.’

Other speakers in the session included Heather Chambers, Principal Pensions Manager for the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund, and Andrien Meyers, Head of Pensions for Sutton and Kingston. Jeff Houston, Secretary for the Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board, chaired the session.