How to reset your password for My Pension Online

If you forget your password or want to change it to log in to My Pension Online, don’t worry. You just need to reset it. Resetting your password is quick and easy too. Just follow the simple steps below to learn now.

  1. Log in to your account

Go to the My Pension Online log in page and click on “Login”, which you can find under “Member Login.”

2. Go to Forgotten your password

This will take you to the Member log in page. Now, under the box that says password, click on: “Forgotten your password?” Make sure the username and password box are clear when you do this.

3. Enter your details

You should now be on a screen titled: “Forgotten your Password”. Now, fill in the requested details in the four boxes on the page. These are your username, surname, National Insurance (NI) number and your date of birth.

4. Click on Submit

Once you’ve entered these details, click on the box that says: “Submit”.

5. Go to Reset Password

Now, on the next screen, click on the box that says: “Reset Password”.

6. Wait for our email

All you need to do now is wait for us to email your new password to you. Once you receive it, you can log in to My Pension Online with this. You also have the option to create your own password.

It’s that simple to reset your password for My Pension Online. Need to reset it now? Just click below to get started.

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