Ill Health

Suffering ill health is not something any of us plan for but can happen, and if it does it can affect your ability to work. We understand this and in certain circumstances your pension can be paid early if you do suffer ill health. This page provides all the information need to know about claiming benefits on grounds of ill health.

Ill-health pension

A firefighter who has sufficient service to qualify for a pension and who at any age is dismissed because of permanent disablement for the performance of the duties of his/her role, may be considered for an ill-health pension. There are two tiers of award:

  • a lower tier pension based on the basic formula, i.e. 1/60 x pensionable service x final pensionable pay.
  • a higher tier pension based on the basic formula plus an
    enhancement of service, i.e. 2% x service accrued to last day of service x prospective service to age 60

The higher tier pension is awarded only where the firefighter has at
least 5 years’ qualifying service and is unable to undertake any other regular employment. It must not be greater than 40/60 x final pensionable pay.

A firefighter aged 50 who has completed 12 years’ service and whose final pensionable pay is £30,000 retires on grounds of ill-health with a lower tier pension. He would receive an immediate payment of a pension of:-

12/60 x £30,000 = £6,000 a year

If, instead, a higher tier pension were awarded, the enhancement of service would be:-

2% x 12 x 10 = 2.4 years

and so, in addition to a sum equivalent to the lower tier pension of £6,000, the firefighter would receive 2.4/60 x £30,000 = £1,200, making a total of £7,200 a year.

Part of a lower tier ill-health pension can be commuted to provide a
lump sum.

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