LPPA’s Managing Director, Jo Darbyshire, will be sharing her insight into managing risk and fraud when she speaks on an expert panel next week.

Along with four other industry experts, Jo will be tackling questions on some of the key issues facing today’s pension industry. The webinar, which takes place on Thursday 10 June, will be hosted by Target Professional Services and its partner, financial services company Ebury.

The discussion will cover the types and causes of fraud in the industry, where the greatest risks are to be found in the pension payment process and what is the real attitude towards identity risk and fraud in the sector.

Jo said: “I’m delighted to be speaking on a topic that is a growing concern throughout the industry. The increase in pension scams is one of many risks associated with pensions and it’s really important to share our experience and work together to make a positive difference.”

Other experts on the panel include: Professor Keith Brown – Fraud and Scams expert and Government Advisor, Joe Craig – Writer and Pensions Communication expert for writing group Quiet Room, Andrew Marson – Head of Pensions Administration at ISIO, and Chris Parrott – Trustee Executive of BESTrustees.

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