Your annual benefit statement (ABS)

Everything you need to know about your annual benefit statement including a section-by-section guide.

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View my latest statement

To view your latest benefit statement, log in to your online PensionPoint account.

If you haven’t set up an account yet, click register and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is my annual benefit statement?

Your benefit statement is a summary of your pension benefits for the year up to 31 March. It shows how much your pension is worth at that date and gives you an estimate of what it could be worth when you retire (at your Normal Pension Age).

Your ABS also shows an estimate of any survivor’s pension and death grant entitlements your beneficiaries would receive in the event of your death.

Remember, most of the figures on your statement are estimates only and may be slightly different from your final retirement figures.

For Police and Firefighter members, this statement does not include reinstatement of the benefits you received between 2015 to 2022 from the CARE scheme to your old scheme as part of the McCloud remedy.

Annual Benefit Statement breakdowns (active members)

If you’re still paying into your pension scheme, use the expandable boxes below to get a step-by-step breakdown of your annual benefit statement.

Local Government (Active)

Police (Active)

Firefighters (Active)

Local Government, Police & Firefighters (deferred members)

What is a deferred pension?

It’s a pension that you are no longer paying into but have not started receiving payments for yet.

What is a deferred member?

It’s a member who has stopped paying into their pension scheme (such as moved jobs) and is no longer contributing to their pension.

Your annual benefit statement shows the value of your pension benefits up to 10 April 2023. If you have more than one deferred pension with us, you will have separate statements for each.

Please note – your annual benefit statements will be slightly different if you have a pension credit/deferred statement because of a pension sharing order.

Use our pension calculator to estimate your retirement income

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