Increasing benefits

Paying into a pension scheme is a great way to save for your retirement, but did you know you can pay more to increase your benefits? Here you'll find all the information you need to understand your options and apply to increase your benefits.

As a member of the Police scheme, you have the option to purchase an added pension. This will allow you to increase either your pension benefits only or your pension and death benefits for a period of service. The amount you can purchase per year is limited and may be altered by Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT).  

How does it work? 

If you choose to purchase an added pension you can choose whether the payments are made by: 

  • Periodical payments; or  
  • A lump sum payment  

You will only be able to exercise the lump sum option if you have been an active member of the 1987, 2006 or 2015 Scheme for a continuous period of at least 12 months.

You will be able to purchase an added pension more than once, but you can only choose to make a lump sum payment for added pension once in any Scheme Year.  

The option to purchase an added pension is available if you are aged 59 or under at the start of the scheme year that you make the purchase. 

The maximum amount of pension that can be purchased for the 2022/23 scheme year is £7,295.57. 

How do I apply? 

  • Contact LPPA using the Contact Us form, we will send you a quote along with further information and an application form.
  • Complete the application form and return to LPPA. 
  • We will set up your payment plan and inform you once it’s done. 

Please be aware that added pensions are revalued by Consumer Price Index (CPI) in line with the Pensions (Increase) Act 1971. 

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